About The Company

Sky Creek Homes, Ltd. is a partnership between Mark Kleven and Brian Robinson. These two Colorado Springs natives currently live in Pueblo and build homes in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Sky Creek is a recent name change with the addition of Brian. Mark's old company Oakwood Construction is still around but these days too often gets confused with Oakwood Homes of Denver as well as several other Oakwoods around southern Colorado.  We thought of asking them all to change their names, but chose Sky Creek Homes instead. We like it and hope you like working with us.

Every once in a while we remind ourselves that just because we know how chaotic building a nice home is, it doesn't mean our customers do. Making that chaos enjoyable for them during design, color selections, construction, and possible delays and disappointments, is what we need to specialize in. To us building a good sound house is a sign of basic competence, not something to hang your hat on. We want you to enjoy watching your home turn into that. Your home.


A happy customer makes for an easier life at work, and many happy referrals in the future. Let us help you enjoy building your new home.

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